Looking for Voleex C30 Great Wall/Faw D60 Spare Parts
We are an After sales service company from IRAN and are looking for OEM or Aftermarket Spare parts for following vehicles.
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Korea Halal Business Matching Fair
You are cordially invited to 2017 Korea Halal Business Matching Fair will be held from July 20 to 21, 2017 in Seoul, hosted by Korea Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) and organized by Korea Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (KBIZ).
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International Universal Exhibition Fair -TAJIKISTAN-2017
International Universal Exhibition-Fair «TAJIKISTAN – 2017» Date: 27-29 July 2017 Venue: State Complex "Kohi Borbad" Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Total area: 1000 sq.m. Supported by: Government of Republic of Tajikistan Organizer: Chamber of commerce and industry of Republic of Tajikistan MAIN SECTIONS OF THE EXHIBITION: 1- Energy. Hydropower. Power equipment and technologies; 2- Mining (machinery and equipment for the processing of precious and semi-precious metals); 3- Machinery; 4- Metal. Metal-working equipment; 5- Chemical industry. Mineral fertilizers. Household chemicals. 6- Agriculture (agricultural machinery, spare parts, equipment, processing of agricultural products, veterinary medicines and equipment for drip irrigation); 7- Agro-industrial complex. Food industry: (technologies and equipment); 8- Equipment for a public catering and trade; 9- • Construction: construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, houses. Construction materials, construction, municipal, road, career equipment. The equipment on processing of local raw materials for production of building materials. 10 Wood and Woodworking; 11- Light industry. Equipment for the processing of cotton, cocoon, wool, leather and recycled materials; 12- Medicine, pharmaceutics (technologies and equipment for processing of medicinal herbs), medical equipment, optics, stomatology, orthopedic production, prosthetics; 13- Information technologies and telecommunications; 14- Transport and logistics; 15- Auto parts, accumulators, tires; 16- Banking services, technologies and equipment; 17- Safety, survival equipments and fire protection; 18- Equipment and technologies for jewelry production; 19- Packaging, Tare, Label and Polygraphy; 20 Equipments for the production of children's toys and gifts; 21 Household goods; 22- Oil products; 23- Processing of waste; 24- Tourism and travel. Spa treatment; 25- Handicraft BUSINESS PROGRAM: 26- Business forum; 27- Thematic round tables. About conditions of participation in the exhibition "Tajikistan - 2017" Contract-application for participation in the exhibition "Tajikistan - 2017" List of hotels in Dushanbe.
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cosmetics products 100% French
To be representative of cosmetics products 100% French origin
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Why INDIAN Supplier is so impotent for IRAN and Turkey?
INDIA is one the main source for supplying Middle East and Iran and Turkey markets,India is supplying Iran and Turkey markets variety of goods such as.
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Coffee Marekt in Iran.
Recently Coffee been market in Iran is rising rapidly; coffee is second choose after black Tea for Iranian consumers.
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