What is www. Moror.ir? You may know what is “Google Analytics” or ”ALEXA.

Introducing the www.Morror.ir, a set of integrated data and marketing analytics products, designed specifically for the needs of enterprise marketers. It all starts with understanding consumer behavior, getting the right insights, and then providing people with more engaging brand experiences.

This platform helps big and medium business and enterprise to know about the behavior of customer when they access to their websites.

MORROR Analytics is designed by PIL GAM RAYANEH Co.Ltd as private company with unbelievable price and service not only for ww.midlion.com members and welcome other new free user.

What is HEAT MAP?

When you to be member of www.morror.ir ,you can see heat map of  each pages.

It shows which part is more click than others icon or pages by users and visitors, the color of heat map show you the sense and taste and behavior of your website users and visitors in  graphically online picture.

We invite you to be as free member of ww.moror.ir for three months and it show you bright path to your targets.

You are enjoying with install MORROR Analytics services.