Our Mission


Our mission is to establish Powerful b2b Market in North of Middle East with local languages and to be a bridge between Global Market and local consumers.
What is north of Middle East Region?
The north of Middle East is north of Persian Gulf countries which we are focused on it (CIS & Middle East market).
Why CIS and Middle East market market?
This zone with high population around 400 million, and with high young educated labor to have more potential for investing and heart of fossil Energy.
CIS and Middle East have good tight market relationship and are dealing with each other as well as.
The other hand, there is variety of high tech industries and are supplying to other part of Middle east and Access to CIS countries such as (Petrochemical &Car manufacture &Food and Beverage &Textile and mats &Oil and Gas& Medical and beauty& Mining and Metallurgy).
Iran in sought access to Persian Gulf &Oman see a brig between south east Asia and CIS countries and Turkey a gate of middle east to Europe, Logistics and shipping facility and sea ports in Persian gulf &Caspian sea and Black Sea& Mediterranean Sea.
Our advantages:
•    To be your voice with local languages.
•    Access to 400 Million Populations.
•    You will have local adviser
•    Increasing your demand
Midlion.com business market area ( CIS -Turkey-Iran-Afghanistan-Iraq-Azerbaijan).
Our Aim:
Million portal is a B2B market place especially for CIS and Middle East Market, Midlion website was established in 2016 .This website operate and are managing by Two companies in Russia and IRAN.
Million website to assist small business to large enterprises with their strategic entry in to the CIS & Middle East Market by providing business solution, services for all business segment.
We are happy to assist  you to enter the local market we will support you toward success all the way.
Your information are publish in Persian and English  languages
Our firm aim is to making sure that you find your right business partner.