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Welcome to Middle East Market.


Midlion is your Friend in the Middle East Market


Services are Free.


1- Translate your data from English to Persian language.


2- We promote your data in the market in English / Persian languages.


3- You meet buyers in the Middle East & Caspian Sea countries specially in (Iran & Turkey & Iraq & Afghanistan).


4- Meet more tahn 250 million consumers in our segment market.


4- We are to be your assistance and you will have expertise consultant as (Engineers & Businessman) in IRAN & Turkey Market.


5- We help you to translate your data/Catalog/website from English to Persian for participate in Iran international Exhibition.


6- We deliver market research such as serious competitors in the market and consumer retail price.


How to be Member of


How to be member of Midlion?


1- For registration of your company, first of all click in ( Login/Register).



2- Would you please fulfill form and writing full name of your company .


Pay attention:  Password should be more than 6 characters and preferred to mix  numbers and characters ( 1-9 and A-Z)



3- Your registration is completed; you will find “My Office “page.






My Office is your panel to manage your business in Midlion.

         1- Add New Products:   it is palace for add your products. It is not limited, it is free placing for show your products or services to Buyers.

         2- Your products List: It is place as showroom for your products which it help you to edit your product or delete it.

         3- Post New Buying Request: It is palace for adding new purchase pos or sourcing any products and services.

         4- Your Request list: It is place for edit or deletes your purchase orders.

         5- Your wish list : it is list of your favorite items.

         6- Message Box: It is message box for checking  your received message from buyers or seller.

         7- Company Profile & Information : It is page for introducing your company history and capability and  legally information .

         it help buyers or seller to recognize your  company.

         8- Security: it is palce for chage your pasword .

         9- Logout:


ADD NEW PRODUCTS: For Example add new products such as SPARK PLUG (Automotive Spare parts).

4-1- First please click in "Add new products” .,then choose right category ,it is Auto & Transportation  -

Click Spare parts & Tools ,

Then click in  ignition system ,

Then click in Spark plug ,

Then fulfill form and click on save in the blow of the form.




Click Spare parts & Tools ,


Then click in  ignition system ,



Then click in Spark plug ,



After that Fulfill form and save the data.


You can ” Add New product “, it is without any limited .


We wish you are enjoying and success in business with  free services.